Non-fiction for Common Core

Teachers:  Want to pair up some non-fiction reading with common core? How about pair up some non-fiction common core reading with some fiction to promote reading for pleasure?

Here are some of the newest literary non-fiction stars for 2012-2014 that pair up with Common Core Standards. 

Here is an example:


Author: Freedman

Title: Becoming Ben Franklin

Grade Level: 6-10

For Fans of:  American history, biographies

Lexile 1170

  Pair with non-fiction:

  Author: Hughes

  Title: Five 4th of July

  Author: Walker

  Title: Blizzard of Glass

  Grade level: 6-10

  For Fans of : Disaster Stories

  Lexile 1100

  Description: In December of 1917, two ships in Halifax, Novia Scotia collided in the harbor, causing one ship's cargo of TNT to explode, releasing the largest explosion until the Hiroshima nuclear bomb. The small town of Halifax was devastated, with flattened buildings and thousands of citizens losing their lives.