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Meet the Librarian

Meet the librarian:

I have always loved libraries. Libraries are such an invaluable part of their schools and introduce students to a world of wisdom! They give students access to an incredible wealth of understanding and learning. I remember spending many days in the library as a child and even loved exploring the ASU library during college. It was so big you could get lost in there! Today there are so many types of resources available from books, to e-books, to digital resources, to the web.

I love reading a good book! A well-written book can keep me mesmerized for hours! One of my favorite recent books that I read was “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate. If you don’t love reading, it’s simply because you haven’t yet found the right book! There are so many genres of fiction books available today and of course there are dozens of subjects to read about in non-fiction. I have arranged our library’s fiction section by genre, so whether you like Science Fiction, Mysteries, Horrors, Romance, or Paranormal, there is something for everyone!  We have 12 separate genres to browse through! You can always browse the shelves or search the catalog by genre as well!

Come search the catalog today and I’ll help you find just the right book!  

Need help with a research project? Citing sources? MLA formatting?  I can help with that as well! I look forward to hearing about what you are reading, learning or creating. You are welcome here.


Ms. Byrum