Library Policies

SHS Library Media Center Student Information

Debbie Byrum, Librarian

Gigi McNeal, Library Assistant

Library Hours:

Monday – Friday 7:10 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.


  • We require picture ID when checking out a textbook or library books. If we do not have your current student photo on the library computer, you must have photo ID or a teacher present.

  • Individuals coming to the library during class time must sign in and out at the front desk, and have a pass from a teacher or administrator.

  • Library books are checked out for a 3-week period. Renewals are allowed if the book is not currently on hold by another student.

  • You are responsible for your books. Additional books will not be checked out to students with outstanding fines or overdue materials. Due dates are stamped in the back of the library books. Students can check the status of their library account at anytime on a school or home computer.

  • No eating or drinking in the library or computer labs.

  • Please use appropriate voice volume in the library.

  • Treat library materials and equipment, other students and staff with respect.

  • When using a library computer, the district technology rules apply. Computers are for school use only. No streaming for music, games or other unauthorized sites. No headphones or ear buds. If your computer is not working please see the librarian for assistance. Do not move or change any computer/printer settings or cords.

  • Please ask before printing if you plan to print more than 3 pages. Students are to print school or related material only.

  • If other students are waiting to use a computer, limit your time to 10 minutes.

  • For safety issues, please stay seated until the dismissal bell – do not line up or block the library entrance/exit doors.

  • Running start or time release students are welcome to work in the library. Please be sure to let Mrs. Byrum know your schedule and follow the special rules for these situations.

Fines – All books and other library materials are subject to fines for damage and loss. Fines can be refunded if lost items are found and returned within the current school year or within 6 months of payment.

Lunch Periods – The library is generally open during both 1st and 2nd lunch. Students are welcome to be in the library. Please NO FOOD OR DRINK. Quiet activities are acceptable. No running, loud talking, or noises are allowed. Many students use the library for schoolwork during lunch, so we strive to maintain a quality learning environment. Please play games or socialize in the commons or other designated approved areas.

Appropriate Use of the Library includes:

Check out books

Computer use

Reading and other quiet activities


Asking the librarian for help

* All SHS school rules apply in the library. *

Thank you for your contribution to maintaining a quality environment for learning.

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