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Fines and Fees

 SHS Library Book and Textbook Fines/Fees*

Damage description


Water damage throughout book’s pages

Pay for book

Minor water damage (a few pages)

30% of cost

Hardback broken spine, torn, separated, broken etc.

20% of book’s cost (if repairable)

Cover damaged (hardback)

20% of book’s cost (if repairable)

Cover damage (paperback) torn, etc.

Pay for book

New book returned in poor condition

Pay for book

Strange particles, gunk, spills, etc. on cover or inner pages

Replace book or full price of book

Barcode labels or laminate cover damaged or missing


Significant pen or pencil damage


Torn pages or significantly dog-eared


* Age of book considered.

(How many times it has been checked out)

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