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Teacher Information

Hours: The library is open from 7:10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. Monday-Friday


If you want to bring your class to the library or the library computer lab, you may call, email, or come to the library and reserve time on the scheduling calendars. You can view the calendar from our website as well; click on calendar on the sidebar. Teachers may not sign up for more than 4 consecutive days and not more than 10 days per quarter, per period. Special arrangements can be made. If the main room in the library is needed, teachers must sign up on the regular library schedule, not the computer lab schedule. Please call or email Mrs. Byrum or Mrs. McNeal to schedule computer lab time.

Sending a student to the Library

Students coming the library during class time must have a pass from the teacher with the date, time, and purpose of the visit. Please use the passes provided by us. If you want to send more than 4 students per class period to the library, please call to make arrangements.

Textbook checkout

Students must have a current picture in the library system, a picture ID or a teacher present to checkout textbooks. Call or email to schedule a time for a class textbook checkout.

Library Book Checkout

Please remind students that there is a 3-week checkout period on library books. It is the students’ responsibility to check the due date stamped in the back of the book and return books responsibly. When we send overdue notices, please help us by handing them out in a timely manner. Students can also renew the books either in person or online if no one else has a hold on that book.

Library Computer Labs

If you are scheduled for the computer lab, arrive with your students and use the computers in the lab you are scheduled for (not the open computers in the library). Please keep your class in the lab with you until the bell rings. This provides an environment in the library that supports learning. Students are not to be left unsupervised at any time in the computer labs. No food or drink in the library or computer labs.


Please help us conserve. Encourage students to do a print previous and use cut/paste features before printing from the Internet. Also, while in the print layout menu, students can select 2 pages per sheet. We ask that students do not print directly from the Internet. Five pages is the maximum number allowed.

Library and Office Materials

Please be respectful of the librarians’ work environment. There is a computer available for staff use and a staff/student phone. We are happy to share but appreciate your consideration for our professional work areas.

The library guidelines are created to provide equal opportunity to access library resources and create a positive learning environment for everyone at SHS. We appreciate your support and cooperation. Please contact a library staff member with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you and your classes in the library.

Debbie Byrum, Librarian Ex. 5605     Gigi McNeal, Library Assistant, Ex. 5606

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