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Textbook policy

SHS Library/Textbook policy notes by D. Byrum

(Rev 5/19/14)

With department/leadership approval any book(s) identified as “classroom set” will be taken out of the SHS textbook collection and become part of the teacher’s classroom materials. Departments are responsible for all textbooks not in the library inventory. Any other library materials checked out by a staff member must be returned at the end of each school year. Teachers may checkout library materials over the summer.

Teachers who want to have their students checkout textbooks or want to bring their class in to checkout library books, must contact the library staff in advance to schedule a time.

Teachers sending students to the library during class time must send a note with each student. Students are to sign in and out of the library. 

Photo ID is required if a teacher does not accompany a student and there is no picture on the student’s computer account.

Students are identified as enrolled (currently active) in SHS and LHHS through notes in the Koha system.

Students enrolled full time at LHHS will check out textbooks from Lincoln Hill (Principal will approve exceptions to this policy).

Credit retrieval (students enrolled at SHS, and assigned to credit retrieval classes at LHHS) will be allowed to check out textbooks from SHS library.

LHHS students are not to be in the SHS library without permission from a teacher or the LHHS principal.

All books and other materials are subject to fines for damage and loss. Fines can be refunded if lost items are found and returned within the current school year or within 6 months of payment.

Students who have a fine of $25.00 or higher cannot check out a book until the fine is cleared either by returning the overdue item(s) or payment.

A printed copy of the Library policies is available in the library and on the library website. 

The librarian must approve Running Start and independent students for work time in the library. These students will be expected to behave appropriately in the library and must sign in and out of the library. Counselors or assigned supervisors will need to verify time release through email or note.  LHHS independent students are to be at Church Creek unless they are checking out a “library book.” A note from LHHS principal is required otherwise.

Students who come in with their class to use a computer lab are to use the computers in the lab unless the teacher has made prior arrangements with the librarian.

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